Privacy Policy

Tube City Community Media Inc.,, The Tube City Almanac, and all affiliated webpages (collectively, "Tube City Online") do not collect personal data from users for any reason.

Merchandise sales handled by third-party vendors, including and, are subject to the privacy policies of those vendors.

Tube City Online does not and will not disclose any sales information from any third-party vendor for any reason.

Tube City Online does not and will not disclose the names, email addresses, IP addresses, or other identifying information about visitors to its websites for any reason without express permission from those visitors, or without a court order.

Your Data is Collected by Third Parties

Tube City Online participates in Google's advertising networks and also uses Google Analytics to track the number of visitors to Tube City Online and its affiliated websites.

Tube City Online has limited control over Google, its advertisers, or its ad networks, and no control over how third-party organizations use the data which they collect.

Although Tube City Online does not collect personal data from visitors, Google and its affiliated ad networks do collect information about your personal browsing history, and the places you have visited on the Internet. They may place "cookies" on your computer or mobile device.

Google and its advertisers or ad networks also may be keeping a history of "searches" that you have made on the Internet.

This information is used to match users with advertisers, and find out what products or services those users might be interested in.

Tube City Online accepts advertising from Google and its network of advertisers because they make small payments to Tube City Online. Those payments help to keep Tube City Online operational.

You Have the Right to Opt Out

You have the right to opt out of Google's data collection. To find out how, visit Google's website and download the opt-out tool for your browser.

You can also opt-out of this data collection by visiting the website of the non-profit Network Advertising Initiative.

Tube City Online will not merge any of your personal data with any non-personal data collected through any Google advertising product or feature unless you have specifically authorized us to do so in writing. (And we have no interest in doing that, anyway.)

Last Updated: February 2015